Believers Temple Church of God in Christ was founded through prayer, fasting and our pastor’s vision.

When Brother Johnny Prioleau  was residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Lord placed him in the midst of a large group of people who sinned continually, without consciousness of God. He asked; “Lord, who will tell them the truth and teach them in righteousness?”  He saw the hand of God, and His finger was pointing toward him.  The voice of God answered and said, “You will tell them.”  Being obedient to the direction of God, Brother Johnny moved back to South Carolina in November, 1973.

He organized a house to house bible study and a community choir.  In addition to the bible study, prayer meetings and revivals were conducted.  Many souls were saved, delivered and set free.  During this time, he was called into the ministry and later became ordained in 1978. The Lord moved upon members of the group to pray for Elder Prioleau to organize a church.  Through fasting and praying, the Lord answered their prayers and directed Elder Prioleau to open the doors of the new found church for those whom the Lord would send. From that day forward, the entire journey was a faith walk.

Two acres of land was purchased.  It was the walk of faith that is most memorable in our Church history.  The Lord showed Pastor Prioleau the land where the Church would be built.  Without the knowledge of the owner of the land, Pastor Prioleau and the saints took a step of faith, anointed the land with oil and prayed.  After learning who owned the land, we inquired on two different occasions about the possibility of purchasing the land.  The owner informed us that the land was not for sale, and refused to sell at any price.  Pastor Prioleau heard from God, and led the church in three days of prayer and fasting.  After the consecration, the pastor and deacons met with the owner once more, he still refused to sell the property.  However; it was during the course of that meeting, God touched the owner’s heart; he altered his decision and offered to sell the property.

The church was founded on October 28, 1978.  In 1980, we built the church with an educational wing, and held our Grand Opening Service in conjunction with our Second Church Anniversary.  In three years, we paid off the second mortgage. Then we liquidated the first mortgage and the entire debt on the church in five years (1985). To God be the Glory! We have been in existence for 33 years.

We are building ministries while incorporating our pastor’s vision for the church. Our music department recorded a live CD with fourteen original songs written by Pastor Prioleau and other members of the choir. A contract has been signed with a nationwide distribution company to distribute the CD nationwide.  We are soon to be working on our second project. Options are being pursued to using the World Wide Web for video ministry as well as seeking God’s direction about the possible television ministry. We are also in the process of building our Phase II Project (Family Life and Community Center) which will include a multiplicity of community and church ministries.